Mark Knopfler and his Three Amazing Guitars (Gallery)

Mark Knopfler and his Three Amazing Guitars (Gallery)

Mark Knopfler and his electric Pensa Blue Guitar.

Before four days we published one post about The Story Behind Pensa Guitars. We hope that you have read the interesting story about connection of Rudy Pensa and Mark Knopfler. If you have not read that story, here you can click and read it.

In 2015 after released his “Tracker” album, Mark made one interview for one music magazine. He also made a images with three guitars and today we want share that with you. Down below you can see all pictures.

The interview was at the Knopfler’s studio and on the pictures he is with two electric and one acoustic guitar. First guitar is a electric Pensa Blue, one vintage 1930’s D18 acoustic guitar and Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958 also electric guitar.

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