Mark Knopfler Talks About His Solo Album ‘Get Lucky’

Mark Knopfler Talks About His Solo Album ‘Get Lucky’

Mark Knopfler - Frost Over The World (November 27, 2009)

Mark Knopfler Talks About His Solo Album ‘Get Lucky’

The British rock band, Dire Straits was one of the greatest rock groups of all time from the 1970s to the 1990s. They toured the world and they sold over 120 million records. The driving force behind the group was the lead singer and songwriter Mark Knopfler, who lent his guitar promise and write lyrics to such classics as ‘Sultans of Swing,’ ‘Brothers in Arms,’ ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

The famously understated guitar hero hasn’t stopped since then. He was a guest at the studio of Al Jazeera’s English program – Frost Over the World, on November 27, 2009. At the time, the newest solo album by Mark Knopfler was the album ‘Get Lucky.’ In the video below, Mark Knopfler and the show manager talked about that album.

The show manager asked Mark Knopfler how long he worked on the album, on that Mark said: “It’s difficult…when I started writing these things at home in it and then I take a look at them as I go along the actual time in the studio is not terribly long. But from the beginning of a song, to when it becomes a record can be a long time. It can take years because I’m slow with everything I do generally speaking.”

Take a look at the video below, it is an interesting interview with the greatest guitarist Mark Knopfler, enjoy!

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