Mark Knopfler Spoke About the Inspiration Behind ‘Let It All Go’

Mark Knopfler Spoke About the Inspiration Behind ‘Let It All Go’

mark-knopfler-spoke-about-let-it-all-go-kill-to-get-crimson-dire-straits-blog-radio-show-bbc-johnnie-walker-uk-showMark Knopfler Spoke About the Inspiration Behind ‘Let It All Go’

‘Kill to Get Crimson is the fifth solo album by Mark Knopfler officially released in 2007. This album was recorded at British Grove Studios in London. It was produced by Mark himself, Guy Fletcher, and Chuck Ainlay. All twelve songs were written by Mark Knopfler.

In 2007, when at the time Mark promoted his new album, he appeared on Johnnie Walker’s BBC Radio show. Back then, he spoke about the inspiration behind the song ‘Let It All Go’.

“I was just reading something about an old painter, who was a young guy who wanted to be a painter. And later, he realized that painting like that is really was an obsession. So, I supposed to think related to me was just to think realized that of course songwriting is an obsession for me as well.”

“It’s interesting trying to play a song like that without a band. It reminds you when you write the song, just put the guitar and think what a pleasure occupation it is just sitting at home and trying to get back at work.”

Below, you can hear what Mark said on that radio show. Only a small part of the complete radio show has been extracted and posted on Mark’s official profile. The video is in the length of 1-minute and 20-seconds. Hear what Mark said about ‘Let It All Go’ in 2007.

Also, Mark has talked on Jonnie Walker’s Radio Show many times. He talked about his successful career as a solo artist and member of Dire Straits and The Notting Hillbillies. Also, they both discussed about Mark’s earlier jobs and musical adventures, the first steps of Dire Straits, his childhood, etc.

Click here to watch ‘Kill to Get Crimson: Documentary’ on Dire Straits Blog.

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