Mark Knopfler – Shows Fingerpicking Technique

Mark Knopfler – Shows Fingerpicking Technique

Mark Knopfler - Skavlan Talk Show (2015).

In 2015 Mark Knopfler was guest at one Norwegian-Swedish television talk show where he explained the fingerpicking technique of playing guitar.

Skavlan is a television talk show which is run by Fredrik Skavlan (Norwegian journalist, cartoonist and TV showman and personality).

Skavlan is one of Europe’s largest and longest running talk shows, offering interviews with some of the world’s most well known personalities like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Woody Allen, Emmylou Harris, Mark Knopfler, Robbie Williams, Julio Iglesias, Slash, Amy Winehouse, Leonard Choen, Paulo Coelho, Joe Cocker, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Paul McCartney and many others.

The show has an audience market share of 50% in Norway and 40% in Sweden with 2.5 – 3 million viewers per show. The show also airs in Finland and has a large Internet following.

Mark Knopfler once was a guest in Skavlan Show and he explained the technique of fingerpicking. He talked about how he learned to move fast fingers on guitar and how to made a unique music sound.

About the “breaking the rules” of guitar, rhythms that changed Dire Straits and old days – all that you can find out down below on video.

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