Mark Knopfler on His Love of The Chieftains

Mark Knopfler on His Love of The Chieftains

Mark Knopfler

Another brand-new episode of “The British Grove Broadcast” with Mark Knopfler will be in the air today at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. You can also hear it anytime on-demand on SiriusXM Volume.

This would be episode number six for Mark Knopfler on the radio. This time he talked about The Chieftains which is a traditional Irish band formed in Dublin in 1962, by Paddy Moloney, Sean Potts, and Michael Tubridy.

One of the greatest things about The Chieftains is that they can play music with people from all over the place to all sorts and things with endless energy and endless possibilities. One of the favorite songs by The Chieftains to Mark Knopfler is the song “Rain and Snow,” especially the collaboration with the Del McCoury Band.

What Mark Knopfler said? Click on the video!

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