Mark Knopfler: Old Dire Straits hits are part of people’s soul

Mark Knopfler: Old Dire Straits hits are part of people’s soul

Mark Knopfler

Former Dire Straits front man, legend Mark Knopfler was performing in the LG Arena on 23 May 2015, 2 years ago that was a new tour for Mark after a long time, and it give the fans a chance to hear live tracks from his new album Tracker which was released in January 2015.

Anyway Mark in his set list put all the songs which were old hits. In one interview he said “The thing about the old Straits songs is that these songs are one part of people’s soul. Obviously I like to play those things in a different way just to keep those songs alive and away from a cabaret thing. I like playing the old songs, I  wrote them and people like to hear them, it’s as simple as that.”

Knopfler who finished his last album Tracker in his west London studio, preformed in this show with a seven piece band and most of them have worked with him for the best part of two decades. The band includes Guy Fletcher on keyboards, Richard Bennett (guitar), Jim Cox (piano), Mike McGoldrick (whistle and flute), John McCusker (fiddle and cittern), Glenn Worf (bass), and Ian Thomas (drums).

Tracker was the ninth solo album for Knopfler and this album had  many positive reviews and opinions from the audience. Knopfler still continues to combine his wry lyrics with his guitar prowess and continues to create such major hits as “Money For Nothing”, “Sultans of Swing”, “Romeo and Juliet” and many other Dire Straits hits.

6 days after his shows in the Birmingham LG Arena, he had a show in Nice, France on 29 May 2015 where he also preformed songs from his new album Tracker, but he give the fans an amazing night full with hits from the Dire Straits era and also from his solo career. Down below is a video from that night where Mark, played amazing live version of “Speedaway at Nazareth”. Enjoy!

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