Mark Knopfler: “I Never Know What I’m Going to Write…”

Mark Knopfler: “I Never Know What I’m Going to Write…”

Mark Knopfler

Today, Mark Knopfler wrote one tweet on his Twitter profile where he explained something interesting about writing songs.

Namely, he wrote: “I never know what I’m going to write… I like it that way though I mean if I knew the answer behind what made a perfect song if I knew what worked every time then I wouldn’t be speaking to you because I wouldn’t have to prove myself time and again.”

The photo is by London photographer Helen Maybanks. She has captured many of the leading shows both on and off-West End, keeping her in high demand throughout the UK and Europe. Helen is a commissioned photographer for the Royal Ballet and her production and promotional photographs have appeared in media outlets including the BBC, The Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, El País, and The New York Times.

From this post, we can have a few suspicious thoughts that Mark Knopfler maybe started again with writing new songs, what do you think about that, write to us on the comments.

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