Mark Knopfler Has Support the Red Cross to Aid Ukraine

Mark Knopfler Has Support the Red Cross to Aid Ukraine

mark-knopfler-has-support-the-red-cross-to-aid-ukraine-dire-straits-blog-news-donations-openMark Knopfler Has Support the Red Cross to Aid Ukraine

This month the world got acquainted with the situation in Ukraine. Every day the situation there is getting worse. We all know what is happening in Ukraine.

That is why we’re here to help the Ukrainian people as much as we can. Donations are open, and if you’re able to help freely feel free to do so at the following link.

Mark Knopfler supports the Red Cross and their emergency appeal to aid Ukraine and the bordering countries, where their teams have been preparing to support those fleeing to safety. As well as those taking shelter within Ukraine. Please consider donating if you are able to.

At this time millions of people have no safe place to call home. More than 2.5 million have already left the country, while countless more are still trapped underground, taking cover from the shelling, and desperate for a safe escape.

Hundreds of thousands of people still have no food, no water, no medical care, and no heat or electricity.

For more information about the donations please click HERE.


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