Mark Knopfler: Electric solo ‘Going Home: Local Hero’ (1996)

Mark Knopfler: Electric solo ‘Going Home: Local Hero’ (1996)


Yesterday Knopfler’s channel on YouTube was update with another new video from 1996. This time, that was song from his live concert ‘A Night in London’ from 15, April 1996 recorded in BBC Building.

On that concert, he played songs from his first solo album ‘Golden Heart’ includes songs from Dire Straits and classic film themes.

We have chance to listen that amazing electric-guitar solo from Mr. Knopfler. 21 years after that event, this concert still sound very fresh as if it was recorded yesterday.

Probably this is one of the best solos from Mark Knopfler…with many musicians and music instruments behind him he ‘Rock on’ in BBC Building!

Very relaxed solo for beautiful mornings with tea or coffee. The solo which he played is the theme song from Local Hero – Going Home. Solo for enjoyment. Mark Knopfler know how to do that. He is master for guitars. Enjoy in this solo below!

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