How many people want Mark Knopfler to make another tour in 2018?

How many people want Mark Knopfler to make another tour in 2018?

Mark Knopfler

If we asked this question, probably there would be many people which would say that they want another tour in 2018.

But what we anticipate is that next year, we should expect a possible new tour from Mark and his band. Probably the “new” possible tour would be in June, July, September and October 2018.

These are the months which Mark chose before two years ago, when he started his “Tracker” tour in Europe and North America.

The interesting part is that Mark already confirmed his new album scheduled for March 2018, and because of that we anticipate his possible new tour.

In these moments, Mark is in the process of making and recording his album. No one knows how many songs would be on his new album and what kind of the songs would be that. Probably it will be as great as previous albums and songs of Mark, in the style of Dire Straits.

Definitely, Knopfler is back again! Can you believe in this? We will listen Mark again, our legend is back!

Even now, you can imagine all those fans of Mark Knopfler in one of the summer months of 2018 somewhere across Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia or Africa … that tour would be marked as life memory.

What would be happens, it remains to see, but definitely Mark Knopfler will bring us new album in 2018. And for possible new 2018 tour, what do you think? There will be or not?

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