“Madonna’s Daughter” – David & Mark Knopfler Live in Sanremo 1984

“Madonna’s Daughter” – David & Mark Knopfler Live in Sanremo 1984

David Knopfler

Release is the first solo album by David Knopfler released in 1983 after he left Dire Straits. This album was released in 1983 on the Peach River and Passport labels, and in 1997 on the Paris label.

Mark Knopfler, Harry Bogdanovs and John Illsley have helped David on this album. Tony Spath was a producer, Mark has played as a rhythm guitar, Harry was on the synthesizer and Illsley played on the bass guitar.

David Knopfler is a really talented and good musician which he approves that through the years with his solo albums. Unfortunately, many fans thought that his first album Release is a little bit bad because of David’s voice, and they also think that he will be always on the “shadow” of his genius brother Mark Knopfler.

Anyway, on this or another way David and Mark are professional musicians and they did a good job for this generation and gave us songs that we would remember forever.

Monday 2, April 1984 – David Knopfler has singed one of the tracks from his first solo album with his brother Mark Knopfler at the venue of the Sanremo Music Song Festival. They together performed the song called “Madonna’s Daughter” at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, Italy.

The video below is the footage from that performance which was on air on the RAI TV (Italian Television Station).

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