“A Life in Songs” – Part 5 with Mark Knopfler (Video)

“A Life in Songs” – Part 5 with Mark Knopfler (Video)

Mark Knopfler (Madrid, Spain)

“A Life In Songs” the documentary with Mark Knopfler from 2011 continues with fifth video part. At this part you will see how he, after a series of live concerts and world tours, he started something new and different.

This part is actually about his influence on traditional music. He really loves the traditional sound and for him all that is like new ‘palette’ for the music. How he begins to be focused on traditional things and make songs with wonderful sounds, a mix between traditional old style with Dire Straits music.

He starts to combine that all styles and he comes to an amazing and wonderful ‘new’ middle traditional style. In this part you will also hear some of Mark’s associates and crew members saying that they love to being out on tour.

When they are out on tour, they do that for 4-5 months in a row and after all they continue with their solo careers separate with hoping that one day in the future years there will be again something new from them all.

People are eager to hear a new piece of music, especially from Mark Knopfler, who has already confirmed his new album for 2018, which is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

Mark also says: “For me, that it’s incredibly nice to be on tour, everyone is with positive energy and we constantly help each other during those few months as long as the tour. All that, it comes over the years as you get older and wiser.”

Guy Fletcher also said that they always learn something from each other and that it’s amazing how there is always something new to learn from any member of the team.

Mark also said: “I love the process when every morning I wake up and I go to the studio for create music. I can’t stop, behind that, stands whole team.”

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