Last three days for voting!

Last three days for voting!

Dire Straits - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dire Straits has finally been nominated for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are currently on the 3rd position with 573,613 votes. They need to finish in the top 5.

You can vote once daily for your favorite nominee (Dire Straits) until December 5, 2017. Let’s make sure the fellas stay in the top five!

Bon Jovi are on the first position from the first day, and till now they have 1,072,952 votes. At the second position are Moody Blues with 876,204 votes.

Until Tuesday (December 5, 2017) we can vote for Dire Straits and help them to stay at the third position.

Here is the link where you can vote:

Set a daily reminder on your phone to vote! It is way overdue for Dire Straits to have been nominated. Now that it has happened, let’s make sure we, the fans, do our part to get them in. Who knows…?

They may even play a few songs to celebrate their induction!

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