John Illsley Released the Third Single “I Love You Still” From His New Solo Album

John Illsley Released the Third Single “I Love You Still” From His New Solo Album

john-illsley-released-the-third-single-i-love-you-from-his-new-solo-album-viii-dire-straits-blogJohn Illsley Released the Third Single “I Love You Still” From His New Solo Album

In the past three months, we’ve seen a few new music videos for the songs featured on John Illsley’s newest album called ‘VIII’.

John has firstly released the music video for the song named “Which Way is Up”. Then we listened to the second single “It’s a Long Way Back”, and today we would like to present to you the third single named “I Love You Still”.

“I hope everyone’s enjoying the Easter bank holiday weekend. Here’s a treat for you, ‘I Still Love You’ – the latest track from my album VIII, out now. I hope you enjoy the video. I’ll be playing this song on my upcoming tour which starts next week,” John has shared on his official Facebook fan page.

“I Love You Still” – Music Video (April 2022).

These are just three of nine songs on John’s new album. Down below you can listen to the newest song released yesterday by John Illsley. All the videos for the songs are directed by Dennis Madden.

For this album, John had help from his longtime friends and musician colleagues who are a long period in the music industry. So, we can guarantee that you’ll like this album. The effort invested in those nine songs of this album is huge.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it all live on the new tour in the UK organized by John Illsley. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of one huge spectacle and musical enjoyment with John in some of the most beautiful cities across the UK. Book your place and be a part of this huge musical unforgettable moment this April.

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You can download the singles and the album from all music streaming services and order your copy of ‘VIII’ from John Illsley’s official website – HERE.

‘VIII’ is the eighth solo studio album from John Illsley and it is out now. The album has nine songs. Here is the tracklist from the album: 

1) It’s A Long Way Back
2) I Love You Still
3) 21st Century
4) Market Town
5) The Mission Song
6) Wondering
7) Which Way Is Up
8) None Of This Was Planned
9) I’m Only Sleeping

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