John Illsley with incredible “Sultans of Swing” live version

John Illsley with incredible “Sultans of Swing” live version

John Illsley

Ex-bassist of Dire Straits – John Illsley in association with other musicians had a live performance 3 years ago in his pub East End Arms.

This time John performed two 45-minutes sets on acoustic guitar. That night John celebrated the 25th anniversary of buying the pub. It was a pleasure to be there then, but thanks to the internet and people that were there, today we can enjoy in one of the most beautiful live performances of “Sultans of Swing”.

John and his guitarists.

Before the start of the song, John said: “You may know this one.” And then audience were “hypnotized” from  the perfect and smooth sound of guitars in background. Also, John put a little more doze of elegance and Rock N’ Roll rhythm in the song from his acoustic guitar.

The traditional acoustic style and sound is worth listening and  people enjoy it a lot… it is not hard to listen to, guitars are very elegant and makes you crave more of that sound. Perfect solo starts at 4:56 minutes, and from there you will feel passion that your soul has for guitars and gentle sound. Enjoy in this video down below!

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