John Illsley at Bonn Harmonie (Video)

John Illsley at Bonn Harmonie (Video)

John Illsley at Harmonie Bonn.

In the music world there are so many songs today that people have heard so many times, that they can sing them pretty well in their sleep. Also there must be many songs that any talented musician could play in his/her sleep.

This is most certainly true of Dire Straits best hits like – “Money For Nothing”, “Sultans of Swing”, “Brothers In Arms”, and many others…

One of the founders of Dire Straits – John Illsley should be able to play the old hits in his sleep but does he send the audience to sleep too?

They found that at the Bonn Harmonie when he had a little concert in 2015. Around 200 people were there to see and listen to John. It was Jazz Fest and John and his band kick off their set with one of those many Dire Straits classics like “Walk of Life”.

At this event, many people expected Illsley to play songs from his new released album “Long Shadows” but he surprised them with songs from Dire Straits. People wanted to hear those classic hits from their time. Also the guitarists with John Illsley helped him to make a wonderful retro night and people to feel great.

John Illsley with his own bass style of playing guitar and his deeper voice than Knopfler’s, perform all songs in a special style but with enough of that London accent to make things authentic Dire Straits. The first set of the evening is played with the classics like “Private Investigations”, “Romeo & Juliet” and “Sultans of Swing”.

Also they played a little more energetic songs like “Calling Elvis”, “Walk of Life” and “Money for Nothing”. Even the quitter moments seemed more passionate, when they perform “On Every Street” which is darker tone of Illsley’s voice which perfectly matched with the guitar of his colleague during the guitar solo.

Of course there was “Brothers In Arms” which is a super classic song and audience can’t imagine a tribute concert to Dire Straits without that song. “The Bug” from the final Dire Straits album was a tempo melody that Illsley performwd.  “Where do you think you’re Going” was in the finish of the set-list that night at the Bonn Harmonie in Germany.

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