John Illsley Announced a UK Spring Tour From April To May 2022

John Illsley Announced a UK Spring Tour From April To May 2022

john-illsley-announced-spring-tour-from-april-to-may-2022-dire-straits-blog-news-fansJohn Illsley Announced Spring Tour From April To May 2022

After he released his 8th studio solo album called VIII, John has announced his 2022 spring tour. Tour starts on April 20 and it will last until May 5th.

As John has written on his social media, this will be a UK tour for an evening of music and memories…The Life and Times of Dire Straits. The fans will have an opportunity to enjoy special evenings where John will provide great entertainment.

Below, you can watch the short teaser of an evening of music and memories from Illsley’s tour. “I hope you can join me,” he wrote.

“Get ready for the UK tour from 20th April to 5th May. Every night will be fueled by music and memories to bring you the life and times of Dire Straits. I hope you can join me. Book your tickets now,” John has added.

This will be his first tour for this year. Nights will be special, especially the night announced for the 30th of April, where John will have a gig at Blackheath Halls, a place only 2 miles from where Dire Straits were formed, so a particularly special venue.

For more details about the 2022 Spring Tour, you can visit the official website of John HERE. You can book your place for this wonderful event and check available tickets.

With this tour, John once again has proved to us that he is still full of energy and freshness for work, especially when it comes to his fans.


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