Interview with David Knopfler: “I would like to work with Mark again”

Interview with David Knopfler: “I would like to work with Mark again”

David Knopfler

Ex-founder of Dire Straits, David Knopfler had interview for one Italian website. He revealed his future plans and the hope of working again with his brother Mark Knopfler.

Looking back in the history of the band, we’ll see that they together gave the music and emotions to one of the greatest band in the world – Dire Straits.

David wanted to tell us about the emotions after the introduction of the band in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but also the hope of returning to work with his brother. A long chat between music and life, David always been able to welcome Italy with warmth.

Good morning David and thank you for this interview. First of all, I want to ask you: How do you feel about being one of the new ones introduced in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Well it’s a nice recognition and not only for the six former members of the nominated band, but also for all those who have played with the band! Then it is also for the fans who have always remained close to the band and the many projects that were born.

What did you think when the appointment became official?
I thought, “Well, it gets interesting. It’s better than writing to Mark’s manager to find out if I have to start preparing some songs!”

The two questions that the fans ask themselves are: Will you be at the ceremony? Has the time finally arrived for this band reunion?
I plan to be present at the ceremony of course if the others are participating. If we go to the United States to participate, we would do more than just sit here and do nothing. The decision to play or not, realistically is entrusted to Mark, and I formally never heard, in any case if he intends to do so.

Any plans for the future?
I’ve just started with writing the songs for my next album, but I have to try again to figure out how to finance it all. I would like to pay my friends and musicians for their contributions. Without a distribution network and a record company to provide for these things it becomes all the more difficult.

The Grace is an excellent album…
I recorded ‘Grace’ working with different set ups and crowd-funding to pay for some of the work. It was not administratively simple, it cost me a dear friend, and some things did not work. I’m still trying to negotiate a solution so that I can repeat that experience, but better.

In your opinion, which is the best album you’ve worked on?
I would not choose any album, but personally I can tell you that I prefer those records made with real studio musicians. This means from “The Giver” to “Grace”.

Is there a musician you would like to work with?
I like Richard Shindell’s way of working and I’m very curious about how he creates. Then I can tell you that there are too many talented people who would be worth writing individually. It is always a pleasure to collaborate on different projects. I’d like to work with my brother again before we both die!

In Italy you have always had several fans. Do you have any memories related to our country?
I have always loved Italy and it is a pity that we have only one life to live. If we had more than one, I would spend it becoming Italian. I love tourist cities like Siena, Venice and Florence, but also those countries out of the way that you find traveling. My friend Lorenzo Micheli, a classical guitarist and arranger, is a person with whom it is fun to collaborate and we have always worked in extraordinary places in Italy. I hope that one day we will have the chance to work together again.

And for the end, a message for our readers?
Hello everyone, I hope to see you soon from a stage in Italy and thank you for your interest in my work!

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