Happy New Year from the Sultans of Swing and Dire Straits Blog

Happy New Year from the Sultans of Swing and Dire Straits Blog

We wish you Happy New Year!

Dear fans and followers, it’s been such a pleasure to work for you this year, to share interesting blog-posts and at the same time to learn amazing news from you about the music and amateur players who are big fans of Dire Straits.

We must thank you for all the support that we have got from you this year, we thank all the readers which are daily with our website and reading some cool and interesting news about guitars and Dire Straits.

We are also thankful for all the positive and negative comments that we got this year. We are thankful for all the support that we have on Facebook and Instagram, and we must tell that our fans are the best fans in the world.

As we like to call them – they are a special group of people who know a lot about the music of Dire Straits and band ex-members. They are Dire Soldiers!

As we know, we are at the end of 2018. It’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and say welcome to 2019 in the best way that we can and we know. On the way is coming a new period of 365 days where we’ll have new chances and possibilities for realizing our dreams and wishes. Let 2019 bring good luck to you and your family. Forget all the problems, bad feelings, and moments from 2018 and enjoy this beautiful moment of New Year.

Now, we wishing you all the happiness and good health in 2019, keep reading Dire Straits Blog, and enjoy the new music that is on the way! Below is the full legendary concert from Nimes (France) which Dire Straits had in 1992, so enjoy the New Year Eve with Dire Straits.

Thank you again, and see you soon in 2019! Happy New Year!!!

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