Happy Birthday – Chris Whitten

Happy Birthday – Chris Whitten

Chris Whitten

The drummer who was joined to Dire Straits on their last world tour in 1991-1992 is born on this day in 1959.

Chris Whitten – is born on 26 March 1959, he is a popular British drummer and he was a member of many world music projects, including projects for Paul McCartney’s ‘Flowers in The Dirt’ album in 1989 and the final world tour of Dire Straits from 1991 – 1992 for their last studio album ‘On Every Street’.

He also played drums on some tracks of the album Titanic (1982) by the Italian songwriter Francesco De Gregori. He has also recorded with such varied musicians as Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, The Pretenders, Swing Out Sisters, ABC, and The The.

Currently, he is a member of The Dire Straits Experience which there is also an ex-member from the original Dire Straits “crew” Chris White.

The band from May this year would have their new UK tour as well as Europe touring later in the summer period of 2018.

Happy birthday, Chris, we wish you all the best!

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