Full 4K Concert by Dire Straits Experience in Paris, France (2018)

Full 4K Concert by Dire Straits Experience in Paris, France (2018)

Chris White & Terence Reis

Today we would like to share an amazing concert by the band Dire Straits Experience. This concert is from 2018 which the band had it in Paris, France on October 25, 2018.

Below, you can enjoy the full concert in a duration of 2-hours and 15-minutes. The night show was opened with the 12-minutes long song “Telegraph Road.” The next song that the band performed was the well-known classic hit by Dire Straits, “Walk of Life.”

That night the ex-saxophonist of the Dire Straits, Chris White and the lead vocal singer of the band Terence Reis have made this concert to be absolutely magical in Pleyel Hall in Paris, France. The band performed 18 songs of Dire Straits. Mainly those were some of the greatest hits of the band’s era.

On the setlist were songs as “Expresso Love,” “Tunnel of Love,” “So Far Away,” “Why Worry,” “Brothers in Arms,” and many more. If you’re in a good mood to listen to this concert, we highly recommended to you to find a good place and enjoy it!

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