How Dire Straits got that sound for ‘Money for Nothing’? (Video)

How Dire Straits got that sound for ‘Money for Nothing’? (Video)

Money For Nothing

Because the new technology was expensive to buy and there were very few titles available, Dire Straits decided to record their fifth album digitally for the target of CD market.

Genaro Estado is communications director for the British Phonographic Industry. In the video below, he explained how people accepted the transition from cassettes and vinyls, to the exciting new format that was the future, and ‘Brothers in Arms’ was the album who helped to achieve that transition.

“People had money in their pocket and in fact we had the ‘yuppie’ generation so associated with sort of Thatcherism looking for these kind of aspirational products to sort of buy into and demonstrate their they growing well. All these things seemingly coming together and this was the catalyst for it became the poster boy or album for what was to come”, said Genaro.

But that album had something different from the others. The sound of that reproduction is maybe the hidden success of the music that Dire Straits made it. The song that had special sound from that album, which particular was public imagination and the energy which comes from that song was the unique way of sounds. The song was ‘Money for Nothing’.

The keyboard player of Dire Straits was Guy Fletcher and in this video you will see how they together with Neil Dorfsman will replicate that classic sound.

To reproduce that sound is virtually impossible. Neil said: “I tried to do that one time.” But the song sound distinctiveness came from the way of the guitar was played.

John Illsley said: “Every interpretation of that sound is different. And every guitar is different and they can’t really get that sound now absolutely the way it is.”

‘Money for Nothing’ combines rock distortion, finger-picking and a really catchy hook. But like all great music there was an indefinable magic at the time of its recording, that’s what makes ‘Money for Nothing’ a classic.

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