The Dire Straits Experience with new UK tour

The Dire Straits Experience with new UK tour

Chris White and Terence Reis.

More than 25 years have passed since the award-winning band Dire Straits disbanded, but if anything, their reputation has only grown with time.

Record sales of more than 125 million albums continue to increase as new, young fans discover the music. It was against the backdrop of a two-decade break, that former members of Dire Straits – Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer formed The Straits for a charity show at The Royal Albert Hall in 2011.

With the prolific Mark Knopfler enjoying a successful solo career, Alan Clark called upon the singer songwriter, Terence Reis to front the band in his absence. By the time The Straits ended, three and a half years later, the band had played more than 150 shows in 25 countries around the world.

However, an invitation to play a series of shows in New Zealand and Australia saw Chris White and Terence Reis collaborating again for The Dire Straits Experience.

Band member Chris White said: “When I was first approached to put together a band to play the Dire Straits songs. I didn’t believe it would be possible to find someone who would be able to stand in Mark’s shoes without sounding like an imposter. I was wrong. In Terence Reis, I think we may have found the only person on the planet that is able to play and sing like Mark, but maintain his own integrity and identity.”

“I think this is the very essence of why the fans have been so accepting of what we do. They know he is not trying to be Mark.”

The Dire Straits Experience kicks off its new UK tour in Bournemouth at O2 Academy on Thursday, May 10. Click here for tickets.


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