Dire Straits Experience with last 3 shows for 2017 in Romania

Dire Straits Experience with last 3 shows for 2017 in Romania


As we wrote in March this year when they started the World Tour, Dire Straits Experience would finish their World Tour these days with last 3 shows in Romania.

The tour was started on 3 March this year with 2 shows in Russia, then they had concerts around Europe in Germany, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, Malaysia.

With these 3 shows, Dire Straits Experience would officially finish their tour and they will have chance to enjoy in the winter holidays.

After the New Year, as is written on the official website they will start in February of 2018 with two shows in Prague, Czech Republic.

Otherwise, Dire Straits Experience will be on 11 December 2017 at Sala Palatului in Bucharest, then on 12 December they will be at Sala Polivalenta which is in Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

For those who didn’t know, Dire Straits Experience is a project by the legendary British rock saxophonist player and ex-Dire Straits member Chris White. With the lead singer of the band, Terence Reis who is also and guitarist at one moment of the whole performance you would had feel that you’re watching the original Dire Straits.

“The only reason we are perform is because of people who want to come and see and hear this music live”, said Chris White.

White said that he is not the only original Dire Straits member in Dire Straits Experience, there is and Chris Whitten on drums. Whitten was also the part of Dire Straits on the “On Every Street” Tour.

Alan Clark was not with them now, but there is Danny Schogger who produced and wrote songs for Celine Dion. Band also has and Simon Crater who spent a lot of time with Jamiroquai and bass player Paul Geary. The band is very lucky to have such a guitar player and singer as Terence Reis.

All in all, Dire Straits Experience is now the only band who go around the world and perform songs from Dire Straits with an incredible and talented music crew.

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