The Dire Straits Experience – 10 September at Harpa Hall, Iceland

The Dire Straits Experience – 10 September at Harpa Hall, Iceland

Chris White and Terence Reis

After the success of “The Straits” concert from 2013 which was sold out in 30 minutes, the former member of Dire Straits – Chris White and Chris Whitten together with five world class musicians are bringing the Dire Straits music to Harpa, Reykjavík, Iceland.

The Dire Straits Experience would have a concert in Harpa Hall, at 10 Sept. 2017 on 20:00 with location Eldborg.

It has been more than 35 years since world listened most popular classic hit of Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”. It was over 20 years passed since Dire Straits disbanded and leaving behind them amazing performances and songs that the heyday of rock ever produced. Their reputation has only grown with time.

It has been more than 35 years since the opening line of Sultans Of Swing was first heard being broadcast around the world. Record sales of more than one hundred and twenty million albums continue to increase as new young fans discover the music and join the band’s massive worldwide following.

As time have passed, Knopfler has successful solo career and we are in waiting to hear new songs from him in March 2018. But, The Dire Straits Experience keep going forward with new concerts around the world.

Dire Straits Experience – Concerts and Locations for 2017 Tour.

Alan Clark called upon the singer songwriter Terence Reis to be at the front of the band. Three and a half years later, the band had played more than 150 shows in 25 countries around the world. The universe of Dire Straits is kept alive by “The Dire Straits Experience”, which includes Chris White and Chris Whitten as original Dire Straits band members.

Between them they have worked with an enviable list of rock royalty that includes, amongst others, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Van Morrison, Tom Jones and Sheryl Crow.

“When I was first approached to put together a band to play the Dire Straits songs at the Albert Hall, I didn’t believe it would be possible to find someone who would be able to stand in Mark’s shoes without sounding like an imposter. I was wrong. In Terence Reis, I think we may have found the only person on the planet that is able to play and sing like Mark, but maintain his own integrity and identity. I think this is the very essence of why the fans have been so accepting of what we do. This is exactly what allows the performances to feel alive and fresh”, said Chris White.


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