“Brothers in Arms” or “Bird of Paradise”? Two similar songs…

“Brothers in Arms” or “Bird of Paradise”? Two similar songs…


“Brothers in Arms” is one of the greatest classic hits by Dire Straits and a song that marked one music era. However, the song had its popularity around the world.

This song is written in 1982 by Mark Knopfler and released in 1985. From today’s perspective, we could say that “Brothers in Arms” today is one of the biggest classic hits.

On the other side, the song “Bird of Paradise” is the debut single by the former Thin Lizzy’s guitarist Terence Charles better known as Snowy White from his debut album – “White Flames” released in 1983.

This single became White’s biggest hit. The single was at No.6 on the UK Singles Chart in the first month of 1984, remaining on the chart for 11-weeks.

The song has featured various compilations of White’s material such as Goldtop: Groups & Sessions ’74-’94, Pure Gold, and The Best of Snowy White. It has also appeared on general compilations such as Now That’s What I Call Music II.

White performed the song on the BBC Television show Top of the Pops in 1984. DJ Steve Wright described “Bird of Paradise” as one of his favorites songs of all time after playing the song on BBC Radio 1.

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