“Brothers In Arms” and “In the Air Tonight” in Miami Vice TV Show

“Brothers In Arms” and “In the Air Tonight” in Miami Vice TV Show


Miami Vice was one of the most popular American television crime drama series on NBC from 1984 to 1989 with five seasons. The series starred with Don Johnson as James “Sonny” Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs, two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami.

This TV series had 112 episodes and each episode last 48 minutes, plus there was and three more exclusive episodes with 96 minutes each.

People magazine stated that Miami Vice was the “first show to look really new and different since color TV was invented”. In 2016, television critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz ranked Miami Vice as the 51st greatest American television show of all time.

Music in Miami Vice

Miami Vice like TV Series is noted for its innovative use of stereo broadcast music, , particularly countless pop and rock hits of the 1980s and the distinctive, synthesized instrumental music of Jan Hammer. While other television shows, Miami Vice is known to that they spend $10,000 or more per episode to buy just the rights to original recordings.

Among the many well-known bands and artists who contributed their music to the show were Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Glenn Grey, U2, Underworld, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Propaganda, Foreigner, The Police, Red 7, Billy Idol and others musicians and popular bands in that time.

Also there were several artists that guest-starred in episodes including Phil Collins, Miles Davis, Power Station, Frey, Suicidal Tendencies, Willie Nelson, Nugent, Frank Zappa, The Fat Boys, Sheena Easton, Gloria Estefan, and Gene Simmons.

One iconic scene from the Miami Vice is when Crockett and Tubbs driving through Miami at night to Phil Collins’s song “In the Air Tonight”.

The collaboration in this show, resulted in memorable instrumental pieces, including the show’s title theme, which climbed to the top of the Billboard charts in November 1985. The Miami Vice original soundtrack, featuring the theme song and Glenn Frey’s “Smuggler’s Blues” and “You Belong to the City” (a No. 2 hit), stayed on the top of the U.S. album chart for 11 weeks in 1985, making it the most successful TV soundtrack at the time.

The theme song was so popular that it also garnered two Grammy Awards in 1986. It was also voted No. 1 theme song of all time by TV Guide readers. Crockett’s Theme”, another recurring tune from the show, became a No. 1 hit in several European countries in 1987.

There were many other classic hits in that time which were soundtracks of the show in some episodes. Also one of the best part of Miami Vice was in 1985 in the third episode of the second season of Miami Vice, one classic hit named “Brothers in Arms” song from British rock band Dire Straits. It was a great scene which every person who watched this TV show remembers.

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