3 Songs from the Studio of John Illsley

3 Songs from the Studio of John Illsley

John Illsley at studio.

All we know, ex-member from Dire Straits – John Illsley has a solo career which he started many years ago back in 1984. Since they broke up like a band, every member started solo career.

John’s last album “Long Shadows” has amazing songs, same like old days he made it to sound perfectly. With help from Mark, Phil Palmer and others Dire Straits members John released that album in April 2015, and since then in the public are many speculations for another new album from John.

John and his band playing songs from “Long Shadows”.

Also in one interview John said that he and Mark are in a good relationship and they talked about making new album. Illsley added that what he do now, makes him to feel great.

Down below are three studio songs from John and his band, “Long Shadow”, “In The Darkness” and “Lay Me Down”. Enjoy and comments down below which one song is your favourite.

Long Shadow

In The Darkness 

Lay Me Down


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