Dire Straits – Artistic drawings from our fans

Dire Straits – Artistic drawings from our fans

Dire Straits - Full band artistic drawing.

Dire Straits are one of the biggest bands in the world. Many times they played with big stage names and people love their music. Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Tina Turner and others big names from music stage were part of the era of Dire Straits.

Mark Knopfler which was the legend of the band makes people to feel different while they listening Dire Straits music. So, from at that time, where punk was the number one music genre, till today Dire Straits have a really numerous group of fans.

That telling us how much Dire Straits were powerful in that time and make change to the music. So because many of our fans send us messages with artistic drawings we decided to do a special gallery where we will attach all artistic drawings from Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.

You can also comment if you have a favorite picture and send us if you have a own artistic drawing.
Click on the photo to see the full size. Enjoy! 

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